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Over the last decade, many studies have shown that physical activity is a complementary therapeutic approach to medication to improve many of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, as well as having a positive impact on quality of life.                                .

For people living with Parkinson's, symptoms can be a barrier to motivation, but as inactivity can accelerate physical and cognitive decline, it is essential that they adopt a physically and mentally lifestyle in order to promote the maintenance of their autonomy.

Parkinson's journey, what is it?

Parkinson’s Journey is the largest annual fundraising event held for Parkinson's in Quebec. In 2018, it will take place every weekend in September across Quebec. It brings together thousands of people who take up the challenge of moving together to support people living with Parkinson's and their families. Parkinson's Journey is composed of two physical activities. It offers a walking circuit between 1 to 5 km and also offers an alternative challenge..                                                        . 

The alternative challenge is a second activity taking place on the day of the course in order to offer different opportunities to move to the participants! The alternative challenge varies between regions. For example, in 2017, the alternative challenge was a race in the National Capital and a dance at the Coeur des Laurentides regional office. The goal is to combine pleasure and physical activity. It is also possible to participate in both activities if they are not simultaneous.

The goal?

At the heart of this event, an overall goal of 8,000 km of physical activities (walking, running, etc.). Each participant records the distance he has achieved from local organizers and we compile the total kilometers travelled together in Quebec for Parkinson's!

Moreover, Parkinson’s Journey is the largest annual fundraising event for Parkinson's disease in Quebec. Funds raised are used directly to help the support and services available to people living with the disease in each participating region. They also support the efforts currently being made in research for Parkinson's disease.

With the visibility of such event, Parkinson’s Journey also aims to raise public awareness of Parkinson's disease..

Several Parkinson’s Journey events are organized across Quebec. Are you going for a race or an alternative challenge? Check the dates and details of the proposed activities in each of
the participating regions!