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General questions
Questions about Parkinson’s Journey
Questions about Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec
Questions about Community Challenges
Questions about Parkinson Québec

General questions

What is parkinson?

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that mainly affects movement.

Unlike many neurological disorders, the abnormality at the root of Parkinson’s is known. It’s caused by cell death in an area of the brain called the “substantia nigra.” The cells produce dopamine, a chemical that functions as a neurotransmitter, sending signals between the brain cells involved in movement. By the time Parkinson’s is diagnosed, it’s estimated that approximately 80% of dopamine-producing cells have stopped functioning. The significant decrease in dopamine levels causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s to appear.

To learn more, please click here.

Where do proceeds go?

Proceeds of Parkinson’s Journey go to the region selected when donating online.Proceeds of Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec and Community Challenges are given to Parkinson Québec.

How are your donations used?

  • Offer support services
  • Finance research
  • Defend rights
  • Produce and disseminate information

How can I become a volunteer?

It’s very easy to volunteer for one of our fundraising activity! Email us at with your coordinates and let us know which event interests you (ex.: Parkinson’s Journey, Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec, Community Challenges). We will contact you to discuss our future collaboration.

How will I receive my tax receipt and when?

When you donate online, a receipt is sent by email as soon as your donation is confirmed. For cash donations or donations by check, receipts are sent by mail in the following weeks.

How can I make a cash donation or donation by check?

It is safer to send a check to Parkinson Québec and letting us know which even or participant you wish to support.

Checks made to the order of: Parkinson Québec
Address : 471-550, rue Sherbrooke Ouest - Tour Ouest, Montréal (Québec) H3A 1B9

Questions about Parkinson’s Journey

You have questions about Parkinson's Journey? View the full FAQ

How can I participate in Parkinson's Journey?

There are three ways to participate and to assert your power to act!
  • Create an individual walker profile
  • Create a team and become a walker
  • Join a team as a walker
Step 1 | Choose which journey you wish to participate.
Step 2 | Click in the PARTICIPATE tab and create your profile.
Step 3 | Register as an individual walker or create your team!

To start, please click here.

How can I make a donation for Parkinson's Journey?

To support a walker, a team or to make a donation to one of Parkinson’s Journey’s event, please click here.

Questions about Défi Vélo Parkinson Québec

How can I participate in the Défi Vélo?

Ride with us on August 26!

There are numerous ways to participate and to move for Parkinson!
  • Create an individual cyclist profile
  • Create a team
  • Create a corporate team
  • Make a donation to support a cyclist or a team
  • Become a financial partner for this event
Step 1 | Click in the PARTICIPATE tab and create your profile.
Step 2 | Register as an individual cyclist or create your team!
Step 3 | Use the fundraising tools offered by Parkinson Québec to start to solicit your acquaintances in order to to collect the required amount of $500 for your participation

To register as a participant, please click here.

How can I make a donation for the Défi Vélo Québec?

To support a cyclist or a team, please click here.

Questions about Community Challenges

What is a Community Challenge?

Community challenges are all sorts of events organized by individuals to support persons living with Parkinson’s disease.

For more information, please click here.

How can I make a donation for a Community Challenge?

To support an individual taking on a Community Challenge, please click here.

How can I organize a Community Challenge?

You have a project and want to help persons living with Parkinson’s disease? Take some time to plan and to think about how to implement and finance it. Who is targeted by your initiative? How much will your “clients” contribute and what amount do you think you can raise? We can help you to build your activity and to maximize your efforts and your contribution. Before you start your activity and solicit potential donators, your project must be approved by Parkinson Québec.

Contact person : Madame Coralie Desjardins –

Questions about Parkinson Québec

Who is Parkinson Québec?

Parkinson Québec is a non-profit organization, the leader of the parkinsonian community, the reference for healthcare professionals and the provincial spokesperson organization of the Regroupement des régions Parkinson Québec.

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Who are the organizations - regional offices?

Regional offices:

Regional Parkinson’s organizations:
Bas-Saint-Laurent – Gaspésie
Centre-du-Québec • Mauricie
Montréal – Laval
Région Québec Chaudière-Appalaches
Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean

To learn more, please click here.