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Questions about Parkinson’s Journey


Ø  How can I participate to Parkinson's Journey ?

There are three ways you can participate and affirm your power to act !

1.     Create an individual walker profile
2.     Create a team and become a walker 
3. Join a team as a walker 

Click here to get started 

Ø  How can I donate to Parkinson's Journey ?

There are three ways to make a donation :

1.     Support a regional walker

2.     Support a regional team

3.     Support a regional organization

First, you have to know to which region you want to donate, either it's to support a walker, a team or the regional organization itself. Select the desired regional event here

Ø  How can I register to Parkinson's Journey ? 

There are three ways you can register :

1.     Online (recommended)

2.     Bring the sollicitation form the day of the event 

3.     Onsite, the day of the event, you can register to a registration kiosk. For more information, go to the ''details'' tab of your region. 

Ø  What is the alternative challenge ?

The alternative challenge is an additional activity proposed by your region to diversify your choice of activity and surpass you. It can consist of walking, zumba, yogathon, etc. To find out more about the alternative challenge chosen by your region, check out the ''details'' tab at the top of the event page of your region. 

You have more questions about Parkinson's Journey ? Click here to consult the complete FAQ!